I have been a DJ since my first party as a sophomore at Milwaukee Tech in 1981.  I turned professional in 1988 when I was hired full-time at Sonny’s on Broadway.  I have not had a traditional 9 to 5 since 1995 and I’ve never looked back.  I am extremely lucky or some say blessed to be skilled at and able to do what I love to make a living.  My company name is B-Boy Productions.  (B-Boy/B-Girl means to be a part of Hip-Hop culture)  Besides the accomplishments on my resume, which is enclosed, I am most proud that I have had a chance to teach other DJ’s that work for me to become skilled at music as well as business, ie contracts, marketing, etc…  I also have employees ranging in age from 15 to 50, 3 females, as well as Black, White, Jamaican, and Mexican employees.  This was not by design...  It’s because these people were the best for the job and bought into our motto…  “Stopping The Violence… Increasing The Knowledge” and whether there’s a crowd of 2, 200, or 2,000 the customers get the same show and performance.  I jokingly add on 78,000, because for the 2014-2015 season I was the Official Green Bay Packers DJ at Lambeau Field.

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